Almost every season is storm season in Oklahoma. Sometimes, these events occur suddenly and are very localized, so the sun may be shining in Tulsa while there is a dangerous hailstorm in Broken Arrow. Other times, commercial weather forecasters “cry wolf” about almost every approaching storm, and so both residents and business-owners are unprepared when… Read More

April showers bring May Flowers….so our showers lasted until early June? The good news is it has been easy on our water bills, the bad news is Homeowners are just now getting out their garden hoses for the first time and may be finding out after our mild winter here in Oklahoma that they have… Read More

You may be noticing lots of hail mixed into the storms moving through our great state. As DASON gets incoming calls about potential damage we do our best to educate people in our area to understand what may be happening. Generally speaking Hail has to be dense and large to make an impact on a… Read More

Trustworthy Storm Damage Restoration Service   Storms can cause significant damage to properties. If your property has experienced a storm and resulting damage, professional attention is absolutely critical for you. Extreme weather conditions can often bring on the presence of debris such as steel, concrete, tile and wood, for example. These things can be disruptive… Read More

  Today in the United States, severe thunderstorms exact a high toll on many homes and businesses. When one of these natural disasters strikes, you’ll want to call upon the services of Dason Fire & Water Restoration. We’ll help you respond effectively to the damaging impacts of high winds, pounding rain, lightning strikes, surging waters… Read More

Hail Damage? What hidden Damage can happen to your home, Dason Fire & Water Restoration is here to help Hail storms are most common in the spring and fall months when the temperatures can change rapidly, but they can also occur any time throughout the year with less frequency and intensity. Even a minor hail… Read More

The month of February has proven to be a busy month for firefighters across the state of Oklahoma.   As the unseasonable warm weather for this time of year continues, bringing winds gusting in excess of 50mph, the combination of dry conditions and high winds has resulted in fires that have consumed over 50,000 acres in… Read More