Dason Emergency Fire & Water Restoration

DASON Fire & Water Restoration is a full service, first response and restoration solution for both commercial and residential property damaged following a catastrophic event such as fire, floods, tornadoes or other related storm events.

DASON Fire & Water Restoration Inc. is locally owned and operated by Kevin Hefley. Kevin has over 25 years of experience providing emergency restoration services throughout the state of Oklahoma and has seen virtually every type of catastrophic event imaginable.   He understands the importance of responding in minutes, not hours, to prevent further damage and has the knowledge, resources, and equipment to handle everything from cleanup to the complete restoration of the property.

Kevin’s attention to detail and dedication to his customers recovering from an event such as a fire, flood or tornado, overwhelming as they can be, is what sets us.

DASON Fire & Water Restoration, Inc. is available 24/7 to respond to any property damage emergency. Call us today at 918-379-0390, or contact us online for more information.