Today in the United States, severe thunderstorms exact a high toll on many homes and businesses. When one of these natural disasters strikes, you’ll want to call upon the services of Dason Fire & Water Restoration. We’ll help you respond effectively to the damaging impacts of high winds, pounding rain, lightning strikes, surging waters and splattering mud.

Why Restoration Services Matter After Storms

Taking immediate steps to recover from a devastating storm system sometimes reduces the extent of damage. For instance, just consider the potential long term consequences following the arrival of a extreme weather that causes apparently superficial harm to asphalt tiles on the roof. A property owner who fails to seek a thorough roof inspection and cleanup effort could miss damage that undermines the integrity of the roofing system, eventually producing leaks.

Water dripping into an attic over time forms a serious hazard. Dampness eventually creates water staining, mold and mildew within the home. Leaks may even damage the home’s electrical system and pose a fire hazard.

Comprehensive Clean-Up

When you contact Dason Fire & Restoration, we undertake a comprehensive inspection to fully document all the damage caused by the storm. We’ll alert you to items requiring immediate repair, in order to reduce consequential harm.

Don’t allow a storm damage to threaten the long term safety of your property. Seek qualified professional assistance promptly after adverse weather incidents.

Your First Choice

Make Dason Fire & Water your first choice for restoring storm-damaged properties. We furnish vital services to help property owners regain effective control over real estate following a catastrophic storm:

  • We’ll furnish comprehensive debris clearance and removal;
  • Our technicians install tarps correctly to offer better protection to partly-damages structures;
  • We perform rapid roof and siding repair and restoration;
  • We’ll complete extensive clean up inside and outside a structure.

You can’t control when an adverse weather system will cause property damage. However, now you possess the assistance you require to deal with the consequences of calamitous storm systems quickly and cost-effectively.

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