Water Damage Water Damage

Emergency Water Extraction

Whether a result of flooding or other extreme weather events, property water damage pouring directly or migrating into the internal parts of a structure continue to damage the property. Getting the water out or securing the property from weather elements as quickly as possible are essential to reducing costs and time to restoration of the structure.

Flood Damage Cleanup

Flooding as a result of weather or a broken pipe can create a lot of damage to property in a very short period of time. Kevin’s team, along with their knowledge and equipment, can provide the necessary resources to remove water safely and quickly.

Carpet Cleaning

DASON Fire & Water Restoration, Inc. has the experience and equipment to properly prep and deep clean carpet that has water damage, smoke or remodeling projects.

Pipe Repair

Damage from a storm or catastrophic event to either natural gas pipes, water supply pipes or water suppression systems can shut down any business. DASON Fire & Water Restoration have the knowledge and experience to repair and replace any type of pipe and get your business or operation back on-line.

Complete Restoration Repair

In addition to providing cleanup services, we also provide construction services to either repair or replace damaged structures and restore your commercial or residential property like new.


DASON Fire & Water Restoration, Inc. is available 24/7 to respond to any property damage emergency. Call us today at 918-379-0390, or contact us online for more information.