Wind Damage Wind Damage

Demolition debris removal & disposal

Following a demolition project or catastrophic events such as a severe weather and a wind damage event, there is usually a great deal of debris requiring removal. Debris can include concrete, wood, steel, tiling, appliances, and any number of other materials that need to be removed and properly disposed of.   DASON Fire & Water Restoration has the equipment and labor to safely remove any sized debris removal project.

Emergency Tarping

When a weather tight structure has been compromised by a catastrophic event, additional damages to the structure or items can continue if steps are not taken to minimize or prevent exposure. Utilizing tarps and having them professionally installed provides a quick & temporary solution.

Roofing and Siding Repair

DASON Fire & Water Restoration provides professional roofing and siding repair services utilizing code compliant materials and experienced installers.

Complete restoration repair

In addition to providing cleanup services, we also provide construction services to either repair or replace damaged structures and restore your commercial or residential property like new.

DASON Fire & Water Restoration, Inc. is available 24/7 to respond to any property damage emergency. Call us today at 918-379-0390, or contact us online for more information.